What makes us rad?
Radical Media has been in the business of empowering freelance creatives to provide services to blue chip clients for almost 20 years. We don't have a Death Star Boardroom where the projectors cost more than the product. Development shouldn't cost the earth and our flexible and agile teams will make sure that your money is spent on what you need and not on inflated overheads.
We match jobs with creatives and project managers, bringing in only the skills that are required to deliver a world-class product. Our core competencies lie in three rough categories — Games, Experiences and Brand Building — but what we can create is really up to your imagination. Drop us a mail if you'd like to discuss a complete solution or just chat about what's possible. Challenge us with something that's never been done before, we like nothing more than to bend the rules and make the impossible simply a matter of time.
Find out why so many big-name clients choose radical technology over traditional agencies. Your budget is paramount and we mobilise only the resources you need to provide the perfect solution. No more paying for the CEO's partner or their trip to the Bahamas.
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We know that the hardest part of being a freelance creative is the time-consuming admin and project management. You want to do what you do best and Radical Media can connect you with clients who needs what you do. We don't charge commission, you get 100% of what you deserve.
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What do we do?
Gamification has come of age, but how to start? We conceptualise, design and build games that promote your brand and message. Whether you want to target users on their mobiles with a casual game, inside of Facebook with a viral game, or at a promotion or event with a virtual reality game, we're up to the task. Any smart device, any platform, we can make it fun.
App Development
Apps come in all shapes and sizes, each one needing its own platform and ecosystem. We offer app development across a wide range of disciplines and devices supporting Windows, MacOSX, Android and iOS. Apps are not just for stores though, and we also build experiential and personal marketing apps for brands and promotions companies. Capture data, store locally and sync to the cloud when you're ready.
Web Presences
We wrangle HTML, herd CSS and teach Javascript to sit up and beg. Backed up with enterprise-level architecture and coders. Anything from single-page apps in React and Angular (as well as our own proprietary Javascript framework) to complex CMS-driven websites in .NET, PHP, and Java.
Social media integration
Every good campaigns needs a social angle, and measurable conversions. Everything we build is socially aware and designed to increase your reach and visibility. We offer web and big screen social streams, covering all major networks, so you can make the consumer the star of your show.
Popular modules
Of all the fun and interesting things we do, these have proved their worth over many years and remain popular with clients old and new.
Registration apps
Pre-populate your registration data to facilitate predictive check-in at your event. Sync data in real-time, serve video content and documents, receive feedback, and track your delegates – all within the BrandCapture ecosystem.
Clients who used this
  • Old Mutual
  • Total
  • Standard Bank
  • Engen
  • ADT
  • Prudential
  • Sanlam
Browser and touchscreen games
Using cutting-edge HTML5 canvas technology, we create arcade-spec browser games for both desktop and mobile, no plugins required. We also help our clients conceptualise and roll out addictive touchscreen games that push a brand message for stands and expos.
Clients who used this
  • Foschini
  • aQuellé
  • Shoprite
  • Shield
  • Intel
  • Old Mutual
Message recording
Consumers visit a booth or are approached by Ambassadors to record a video or audio message. Messages are top-and-tailed with branded video or stills, synched to the server and displayed on a screen at the venue. We also provide automatic upload to YouTube and Facebook for social media traction.
Clients who used this
  • Capitec Bank
  • Klipdrift
  • Absolut Vodka
Social Walls
Gain social media traction by scraping your favourite platform — Tweets, Instagram tags, Facebook posts — and show at online or at your venue. We craft custom displays and animations to best represent your engagement data.
Clients who used this
  • H&M South Africa
  • Samsung
  • Checkers
  • Enel Energy
Latest work
These are just a handful of the most recent products we've released for clients. If you'd like to talk to us about your requirements, drop us a mail or click on I Require Radical Technology in the menu.
Checkers Little Shop 2
Done for Brand In Motion
This was the second year that Radical Media played a major part in delivering Checkers' flagship promotion, the Checkers Little Shop. This time - in addition to the website - we were tasked to build a responsive HTML5 slideshow which we did using the excellent Greensock Animation Platform for total cross-browser compatibility across all devices.
Project Satori
We don't just do corporate projects, but also develop pro-bono websites for charities we think could do with an extra boost. Project Satori is a California-based NGO that assists the victims of sexual and other trafficking and we were stoked to be able to deliver a modern, responsive website that will help victims find the physical and emotional support they so desperately need.
H&M Social Countdown
Clothing retailer H&M approached Radical Media to develop a re-usable big-screen application that would show a countdown to a particular store opening, image and video content on demand, custom hashtags as well as an Instagram and Twitter feed. The app was developed to be flexible enough to be used throughout the year at different events with custom content.
Shoprite Scratch & Win
Done for Brand In Motion
Shoprite Zambia needed a fun in-store app to drive engagement and data collection. Radical Media came to the party with a tablet-based "scratch and win" app which afforded consumers the opportunity to win spot prizes. As Radical Media continues its push into greater Africa, we hope to be able to help our friends at Shoprite with more cutting-edge apps.